Wheelchair Van and Mobility Equipment Specialist of New Jersey

Our team of professionals are dedicated to the wheelchair community 24/7. As a consumer, you have many buying options, and it is our responsibility to educate you with them all. When searching online for a mobility van, you may find an assortment of direct or online selling dealers along with vastly different price ranges, leaving you to question why some conversions are much cheaper than others. The products we sell are crash-tested and held to the state standards and federal guidelines, whereas other conversion companies online are modifying vans for cheap without taking into consideration all of the necessary safety measures. Additionally, when you buy from a local dealer, you then have the support of that local dealer. With the boundless innovations in the mobility product designs over the years, there is still room for error, just as there would be with a computer or cell phone. It is very important that you have real people on hand to have your back - and you can't get that from an online, out-of-state purchase. Any time of day or night, you can reach our Service Manager, who will talk you through your issue or send a technician out for any emergency you might have. We can supply you with a rental while your van is out of commission, and will do whatever we can to get your vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible. These are items only a local dealer can offer, and FTMobility is the absolute best in the industry. Serving New Jersey, New York and all of the tri-state area, we are driven to increase your independence. It is truly our mission and joy to take care of people, and that's what separates us from others.

Investing In Mobility

Here at FTMobility we understand that the purchase of a wheelchair accessible van is an investment, so we are committed to giving our clients the personal attention they deserve. Being a small business, we put the time into evaluating your individual disability, guiding you to the most suitable purchase. We offer 24 hour emergency service so you are never alone, FTMobility is there. We are an authorized dealer for Braun, VMI and MORE! No matter what your wheelchair conversion preference, we can get you the products you need. FTMobility also rents handicap vans with automatic ramps ready to go. We deliver the vans for you, and we are the closest location to Newark Airport! Whether you need a handicap van for a doctor's appointment, holiday, or weekend getaway, we have your mobility solution. Serving New Jersey, New York and all of the tri-state area, we are driven to increase your independence.