Wheelchair Restraints New Jersey

Electronic Lock-Down systems

 For those who rely on a wheelchair as seating in their vehicle, electronic docking systems, also known as powered lockdowns or tie-downs, are the perfect solution for drivers or passengers who wish to quickly secure a wheelchair using a single point system.  Automatic docking systems allow the user to lock a  wheelchair into place without the assistance of others, enhancing the user's overall level of independence

4-Point Securement Systems

4-point passenger wheelchair restraint systems have been an industry standard for personal and commercial use for more than 25 years.  Components are designed, engineered and tested to isolate the forward forces of the occupant in the event of a sudden stop or collision by securing the wheelchair to the vehicle floor at 4 separate points.  A secure system should include:

  • 4 restraint belts
  • Occupant securement belts
  • Floor anchor points
  • Well-Trained user(s) who properly follow provided instructions